O hai!

Hi and bonjour, friends. I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been quite overworked last year and while dust is slowly settling down, I’m still rather busy. But I also miss posting sketches and ramblings online, if only for myself. So here am I, starting yet another blog. I think I’ve tried about each and every platform out there, from making my own html diary back in 2001 on free.fr, to Blogspot, Tumblr and a couple of others that I may or may not bring back here if I have the time or courage.

Re-reading some of my older entries, I feel like I could actually go back to them, especially Japon sur Moleskine. We’ll see. I’m giving WordPress a try, as it allows me to have both a blog space and a gallery kind of setup to put my projects up on. I hope I’ll find the time to post stuff in here, but I’m excited to write again!

Oh et j’écrirai peut-être en Français également, selon mon humeur.   inkan


3 thoughts on “O hai!

  1. And it looks great so far!
    I could not dig into the whole site, being on a mobile phone with a
    random 3G coverage, but it is good to have (it is true, yet another, but life is an everbeginning) Pixoshiru platform to look forward to new and refreshing posts every week.

    Bon courage pour tenir un rythme, ami!

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    1. Et déjà tu suggères une parution hebdomadaire. 😀 Pression, pression.
      Je vais voir comment la chose évolue, je pense garder un rythme complètement aléatoire, possiblement plus rapproché qu’hebdomadaire mais le temps dira si je suis à la hauteur de mes ambitions. ^^
      Je compte sur ta participation! 🙂 Et j’espère que tu vas bien, surtout!!


      1. Je restais donc moins exigeant que toi avec un rythme hebdo!! Je m’disais aussi, tu tiens un attract mode quotidien, hebdo peut pas te faire peur!!
        Ça va sinon, seul regret est de ne pas prendre le temps de te facetimer. Will deal with this shortly I promise…


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