Inktober 2016

Every year, in October, the Internets get all crazy about a thing they call #Inktober. The idea is simple : Make an ink drawing every day.

While it’s harder than it seems to stick to it, it’s a very compelling idea, and I’ve tried very hard this year to make it seriously, to the point of making a story of sorts.

Unfortunately, I stopped short of the mark, which leaves a bit of a cliffhanger, but I may or may not finish it at some point…

1_1 2_1 3_1 4_1 5_1 6_1 7_1 8_1 9_1 10_1 11_1 12_1 13_1 14_1 15_1 16_1 17_1 18_1 19_1 20_1 21_1 22_1 23_1 24_1


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