Dans Les Cordes

Music has always been a huge part of my life, and I can thank my parents for that, especially my stepdad, who introduced me to jazz and lead me to study it when I was younger. His activity as a musician has always been an inspiration to me and his latest project, a jazz string trio, is so exciting to me that I wanted to contribute somehow, so I made this image, hoping they’ll use it as a cover someday. 🙂 It’s both an illustration of their band’s name, “Dans les cordes”, which plays on words with the fact they’re a string trio (being “dans les cordes” is a boxing term, used to describe when a boxer is being cornered) and a tribute to another thing I owe my parents, my early exposure to comic books, especially European ones.


If you want to listen to the music they’re making, there it is!

Technical deets : All made on an iPad Pro 9,7″, using the decidedly amazing app Procreate.


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